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Partmaster Lathe is ideal for those new to CNC machine tools while offering many advanced features for the experienced user. The Partmaster Lathe software is designed to create complete programs for NC and CNC lathes and turning centers. No need to learn a programming language, and all required geometry is automatically extracted from a Partmaster CAD drawing or imported from DXF, IGES or STEP files. Software prices are for permanent licenses. We do not charge a yearly subscription fee for the use of our software.

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Partmaster Lathe Software Features & Functions:

  • Full Machine Tool Simulation.
  • Import IGES, STEP and DXF files.
  • Automatic Gouge free machining.
  • Constant Surface Speed Control.
  • Canned cycles for Facing, Turning, Grooving, Threading & Drilling.
  • Supports 2 axis lathes with either a rear or front turret or tool post, also lathes with a cross slide configuration. Sliding head machines are also supported.
  • Supports Bar feeders and pullers and Part catchers. Automatic chuck open / close and Programmable tailstocks.
  • Multiple Tooling databases with user configurable tools.
  • Tool types: Turn, Face, Groove, Trepan (Face Groove), Boring bar, Thread,  Drill, Ream, Bore, and Tap.
  • Display tool center line or complete tool animation with tool holder etc.
  • Canned cycles for facing and turning (G71 & G72).
  • Automatic area clearance between billet and finished profile.
  • Facility for defining stock such as a casting or forged blank.
  • Canned cycles for drilling, tapping, boring, reaming, and threading (parallel or tapered).
  • Separate finishing allowance in Z and X.
  • Grooving cycles for face and diameter with options for lip and root chamfers or fillets.
  • One hit machining with grooving tools, the groove tool can be used to rough and finishing in a single operation. Works on ANY shape.
  • Part surface programming.
  • Constant surface speed control.
  • Cycle time estimates.
  • Built in RS232 communication package with full drip feed capability.
  • Output to virtually any machine tool controller, with free built-in post processors.
  • Operator set-up sheets which show tooling required and machining sequence.

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