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We appreciate the customer testimonials that we receive from our satisfied customers. Your success means everything to us, and your success is our priority! Our team of experts at Dolphin CAD/CAM will always respond to any request in a courteous, honest and friendly manner.

We Appreciate Your Business and Your Feedback, Thank You!

“This software is undoubtedly much much much more than it is advertised to be. We have made our investment back 100 times over. We can’t thank you enough.” Adam M.

“I love this software. I couldn’t imagine going back to hand coding. And the ease of post processor editing allows me to trust the code without proofing. Keep up the awesome work.”


Glenn F.

“Dolphin CAM is quite impressive in that you can do so much more than just 2.5d machining. Dolphin CAM has done wonders for me, I’d recommend it to anybody.” David B.

“Dolphin CAD/CAM PartMaster is incredibly easy to learn & use, and I can rely on it to provide virtual error free programming every time. I am 100% confident of output at all times, productivity has increased considerably as I am now able to operate more machines. In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending Dolphin for ease of use, error free programming, increased output, and also for service.” Jim Birnie

Premier Hytemp

“I have been a Dolphin CAD/CAM customer for several years, and I can honestly say that in 15 years of engineering, buying their CAD/CAM software was the best investment decision I have ever made. One major advantage is that it is not too complicated to learn & easy to use. After initial training, I quickly progressed to designing & making fairly complex parts using Dolphin CAD/CAM”.


Larry Houghton

Lamb Engineering, Premier Hytemp

“I use Dolphin PartMaster every day to program my CNC lathes. Nothing I have used is quicker at producing my Gcode files, I can get an enquiry in the morning and less than an hour later my lathe is running. My customers come to me for my accuracy and fast turnaround. My competitors can’t touch me.” Matt Johnson

MPS Engineering

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