Dolphin Partmaster Turning Post Processors

Importing Posts

  1. Save the post processor you’d like to use to the desktop. You can do this by finding the post you need below, right clicking on the link, clicking on Save As, and selecting the location as desktop. Just make sure it is saving as a .PPR file rather than .HTML because that does happen from time to time.
  2. You will now need to import it; to do so, double click the Partmaster Post Processor icon from your desktop.
  3. From the top toolbar, choose Import and browse to the desktop where the modified post processor was saved.

When the file has been imported you will see the contents in the display area, next choose Compile from the top toolbar to create the .ppx file. The new post-processor is now ready for use. Close the post-processor by using File > Exit.

When you next run DCAM or DWES, the post processor will appear in the drop down list along with all original posts.

 Dolphin CAD/CAM Systems produces Post-Processors for specific machine tool and controller combinations. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that any output is compatible with YOUR machine tools and controllers.