Educational CAD/CAM Software

Dolphin CAM USA Supports Education with Powerful CAD/CAM Learning Solutions


Here at Dolphin CAM USA we strive to place our Educational CAD/CAM Software in every school that teaches CAD/CAM software and CNC related subjects to support the future of manufacturing. We offer special educational bundles that include special Class and Lab licenses, and training that teachers and students can use to accelerate the learning process. Our educational prices make adding our CAD/CAM to your school easy!

We support teachers in the process of implementing our Educational CAD/CAM Software into the class environment to make the transition to teaching Dolphin CAD-CAM software is smooth and exciting. Our training manuals help students learn quicker along with the fact that our software interface is efficient and intuitive. Lab licenses include CAD/CAM for Milling, Turning and even Wire EDM CAD/CAM.

Our Simulation technology helps students visualize the machining process before actually machining a part on a CNC machine tool. Dolphin CAD/CAM has implemented our CAD/CAM systems in many educational institutions successfully; we’re positive that your school would benefit from teaching Dolphin CAD-CAM USA!

Educational CAD/CAM Software by Dolphin is Perfect for:


CNC Milling & Routing


CNC WaterJet


CNC Lathe




CNC Plasma


CNC Laser & Burning

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