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PartMaster Mill Standard is a fully interactive program environment; with no learning needed for programming language, all geometry can be created in PartMaster CAD or imported via IGES, STEP & DXF files. Our system is designed to create accurate, complete programs for CNC Mills and Machining Centers, both vertical and horizontal. Advanced Machining functions include: Merge from top to bottom contour, Surface of revolution, Surface defined by 2 curves, Z-Axis profiling, and Ramp down options. Software prices are for permanent licenses. We do not charge a yearly subscription fee for the use of our software.

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Advanced Machining Features & Functions:

  • Full Machine Tool Simulation
  • Import IGES, STEP and DXF files
  • Merge from Top to Bottom Contour
  • Surface of Revolution
  • Surfaces Defined by Two Curves
  • Z-Axis Profiling
  • Ramp Down Options

Other Machining Features & Functions:

  • Supports 2, 2.5 and 3 Axis Milling and rotary Axes A and B.
  • Tooling Carousel Setup.
  • Display of component and toolpath in Plan, Front & Side Elevation and Iso-metric views.
  • Display of tool center-line, tool path envelope or full tool animation.
  • Supports canned cycles for milling, drilling, peck-drilling, deep-hole drilling, reaming, boring, tapping, and circular and rectangular pocketing.
  • Simplified 2D contouring control with automatic generation of lead-on and run-off.
  • Z-axis profiling which allows the machining of parts that do not have vertical sides.
  • Merge top and bottom 2D contours to produce and machine a ruled surface (square ended tools).
  • Advanced 3D Surface of revolution for core and cavity machining.
  • Named Layer controls with show – hide – print attributes.
  • Automatic parameter assignment e.g. selecting LINE can automatically set line width, style, layer etc.
  • All operations fully dynamic, so you can see the results before accepting/rejecting.
  • b-Splines can be created and modified.
  • Multiple Document Interface, more than one drawing can be opened and modified. Cut and Paste between drawings.
  • Automatic Dimensioning in inch/metric or both. Dimensions may be Horizontal, Vertical, Parallel, Radial, Circular, Angular or Leader Line. Associative Dimensions, if the object is altered the dimension reflects the changes made.
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo Commands.
  • Customizable Toolbars and Screen Layout.
  • Built in RS232 communication package with full drip feed capability.
  • Thread Milling.
  • Automatic Area Clearance of Any Shaped Contour with Unlimited Islands, Options for Linear, ZigZag and Spiral Machining.
  • Spiral Plunging Option for Pocketing.
  • Tapered Wall Machining on Contouring and Pocketing with Z Step Cutting or Full 3 Axis Finishing.
  • Ramping with Arc (helical), Angled or Straight Line Approach.
  • Engraving capabilities that allow any text to be machined, with size, angle and mirror image options. Text can also be machined around an arc.
  • Surface Machining by Defining 2 Profiles.
  • Output to virtually any machine tool controller, with free built-in post processors.
  • Operator Set-Up Sheets, which show tooling required and machining sequence.
  • Alibre CAD Plug-in – Import models directly into Dolphin.

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